9″ Professional level slicer

Item No.: 8110-8055-BL

Model No.: LLc-218 -BL

H.S.S.blade slzo:218 x 28 x 2.2 mm 

Double Clamshell with color card 

What we can cut?

What we can cut?Approved Flooring, siding & more


Laminate Floor(up to 58" or 16mm),Engineered Wood Floor (up to 5/8 or16mm),MDF,VCT,PVC tile, Viny tile,

Fiber-Cement Board siding, Vinyl siding,Presboard lp siding, Carpet tle, Leather, Rubber base, Rubber tile, Soft
plhstie and.......

No noise.                      No dust            

Every sharp edge.          Seampless cutting 

Compact design,easy to move around ,

Quick,quiet and easy to use 

H.S.S.blade slzo:218x 28x 2.2 mm 

cuttinmm Capacity :

185mm length x 16mm thickness 

208mm length x 14.7mm thickness 

Steel Lever Goar for super power. 

Angle gaugo for angle cuttting.

Press Arm to hold down workpiece. 

Total heavy duty steel contructlon. 

Packing size: 72×27×22 cm /4 se

G.N./N.W:2 3.5/22KG

Q′TY: 2760 sets/20′(16tons)

         3240 sets/40′ (19 tons)

         4240 sets/40′(25 tons)


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