45° Rubber mold base cutter

Model No.: RMC-230 

Item No.:  81100-8015

What we can cut?

cutting  capacity :240mm/9 inch 

Blade Thickness :2.5mm 

Straight Cutting :67.5°(22.5°)/18.5 mm (3/4″)

Bevel Cutting :45°/14mm (9/16″)

Packing Size :66.7 x 38.7 x 15.7 (cm)

Precision  cutting on 45″.67.5°(22.5°)and 90°。

This cutter  is delicated for cutting popular rubber wall-base peofile ,such as :

Johnsonite Millworks ,roppe contours ,flexco base sculptures ,burke wall base ,VPI WALL BASE

  1. Blade

    HSS blade veru easily cuts the rubber materials only , never try to cut other floor material rather than rubber 

  2. Square cut 

    In order to get a nice jie square  cut ,made a second cut by 2-3mm slice on rubber mold base

  3. Moving in cutting  

    Base will move during  cutting and let it move ,do not hold the mold base or press down .Holding or press down on wall base will result out  imperfect square  cut .


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