8110-7920Z Silver Dolphin Knife Carpet Fitter

Item No.: 8110-7920Z

Model No.: PANTHER-1000

What we can cut?


Ergonomic shape

Magnet under blade holder and 


For all universal blades

Easy change of the blade

Quick opening with one hand


The PANTHER-1000 Knife is 

synonymous with the perfect floor knife, 

and its success factors include its 

form-fitting ergonomics, superbly 

thought-out functionality and, last but 

not least, its superior quality and 

award-winning design. 

The magnetic holder of the blades 

proves to be very practical, which 

prevents the blades from falling out 

when the knife is opened. The opening 

and closing screw in the center of the 

knife body guarantees quick and 

problem-free operation - without any 

additional tools Tool.


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